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Mara Moja Education

Founded by group CEO Hatim Hassanali in 2015 after seeing a desperate need for accessible quality education in the arts, Mara Moja Education Hub was born to focus on community based education programs in developing regions within East Africa and Asia. Our flagship programs engage young individuals through courses in various departments of filmmaking, drama, acting, songwriting, music composition, vocals and general arts.. helping students master what they are truly passionate about.

Mara Moja Education also offers private courses on request to small groups, schools, universities, NGOs, religious institutions, and more. All our courses are curated to the interests and educational needs of the client, ensuring a unique educational experience at all times.

Over 10 Years of Experience

Our expert instructors have worked and continue to work in their respective industries. This ensures our students are taught the latest techniques and trends with state of the art equipment which is presently being used by professionals all across the continent.

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