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Our companies

Mara Moja Productions

Full service advertising, film production, design and digital media agency with a forte in creating world-class content for clients who value innovation

Alinea Packaging

Manufacturers and suppliers of high quality laminated packaging in reels and pouch form, cartons, styrofoam and HeroStretchX stretch wrap.

Mara Moja Luxury Films

You’re unique, different and looking for something more than just a wedding video.. you’ve found the right people to capture your stories.

Mara Moja Education

Education programs focused on filmmaking, scriptwriting, music, art and drama. Private courses also available.

Kwality Packaging

Manufacturers of premium printed polyethylene packaging materials for the food, pharmaceutical and textile industry.


Start-up centred towards software development, custom cloud applications, iOS/AD apps, networks & IT consulting.

Transforming brands
beyond boundaries.

Through merging the art of communication, free thinking, participation and a customer focused environment – our primary goal is to ensure the success of the brands we work with.


Why companies choose us

Expert Advice

Our dedicated customer champions will share the correct and most efficient solutions for your brand. Be it advertising, content generation, packaging or brand transformation strategy, we're here to help. We curate solutions based on your budget, timelines and needs.

Exceptional Services

At Alinea, we continuously strive to achieve the highest level of customer service and client satisfaction through exceptional service delivery. We will always be at your service with a smile and a friendly voice. Less corporate, More human. Always consistent.

Driven to Innovate

We combine unique strategies with remarkable technology to craft innovative solutions for your brand. We are driven to innovate; and passionate about changing the way you do business. You deserve better, your clients deserve better. At the Alinea Plexus, we'll shift your business into a whole new paradigm.

We help our clients deliver better services to theirs.

A plethora of capabilities

A little about us

We’re a full service advertising, film, digital media, packaging, manufacturing, technology and business transformation services group with an affinity to excellence. A meticulous, almost pedantic attention to detail and very incentivized to go beyond the status quo. We are a team of over 60 superstars, operating in more than 20 cities, driven by the intent to create magic for our clients.

A new paradigm

We are forging a new path where creativity, innovation, enthusiasm and experience merge to create something beyond powerful. A totally unique way of doing business. We listen, we care and we focus on your growth, enabling pure, unrivalled growth within your institution.

“If you're looking for a range of versatile concepts with a total 'anti- modern air brushed' feel of production, ofcourse I'd 100% recommend this company! Quality productions from start to finish with an insanely innovative staff and you guessed it,they're friendly too. Worth 5 stars? Yeah - I think so too. ”

“The team is well experienced, efficient and remains on top of communications. The quality of work is stellar and Hatim is always open to collaborating and developing new work!”


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